Roof advertising installations


Roof advertising installations

Outdoor advertising installed on the roofs of houses, shops or shopping centers. Perfectly visible from afar.

A combination of various elements of outdoor advertising: three-dimensional letters, light boxes and other large-sized elements. This type of advertising emphasizes the status of the company, symbolizes superiority over competitors.

Covering large spaces, the human eye "remembers" landmarks - a detached tree or a building in order to build its path. Most often, a person marks them by size, color, shape or distinctive feature (advertising inscription).

The inscription, located on the building in the form of a sign, is perceived by a person as part of a decorative interior or cladding. Whereas a roof installation with three-dimensional letters is perceived by a person as something separate and requiring attention.

Roof top is a great idea! It is visible to everyone, attracts attention in order to actively promote your brand.

The manufacture of roof units is a laborious process, so the cost in each case is individual.

The development takes into account: