Bending of metal and plastic parts


Bending of metal and plastic parts

We perform bending of materials on a digital bending machine (edge bender). During processing, the plane falls under the punch, which presses on the material, forcing it to take the form of a matrix located under the metal.

Rolling sheet and profiles allows you to get parts of cylindrical, conical and oval shapes.

Rolling is also used to shape pipes and other rolled metal products, in the production of elements for facing cone-shaped and cylindrical products.

We work with:

• Aluminum and alloys

• Stainless steel

• Black and galvanized steel

• Non-ferrous metals

• Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)

• Plastics (except rolling)

We also carry out thermobending of sheet plastic, such as:

plexiglass (PMMA), PVC, ABS, PET, polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) monolithic (also available with edge bender)